Google Hangouts, a cool tool for SEO, you can use Hangouts to:

  • Demo or Share your Product/Service
  • Conduct Training or Lead MasterMind Groups
  • Hold Meetings, On-Line Networking Groups
  • Connect with friends or family
  • A Welcome message or FAQ's for your website
  • Make an abundance of new friends around the world
  • Video Reviews from your Customers
  • Hold Webinars, Product Launches

Let me inspire and show you the many creative ways to use Google Hangouts for your business as well as personally.

Share your brand or even make extra money using Google Hangouts. We will cover all of the basics, making YOU comfortable. We will also cover advanced strategies to make your hangout on air a success!


*Did you know that by using Google tools you have a much better opportunity to find yourself on the first page of Google search results? That is TRUE!

There are 2 ways to work with me:
1- You can hire me to coach you, all the ins and outs. Save years of time.
2- You can hire me to run the whole show for you. You just show up!

Want to hangout, have fun and make front page of Google?

Connect with me today, no cost or obligation. Offering 1 complimentary 30 minute hangout to see if we're a good fit. Excited to hangout and hear from you!

My number #1 love with Hangouts is in using them to connect with people anytime of day or night, for business or for pleasure. Public or private, they are the next best thing to being there. kind of like your friends or clients just stopping by.

With Hangouts, you will see the SEO benefits of using Google tools, Interact with your clients and customers, both current and future, easy to create a system and develop new leads.

Save money by using Hangouts for trainings, team meetings, mastermind groups, all from the comfort of your location. Interactive through google docs, drive, use for presentations with slide share.

Expert interviews and telesummits, public or private, can easily be used at live events to live stream. These events must be done right, make sure you are prepared and have helpers on hand both live and online. This is an easy way to impress and connect with your mentors. You may even become a mentor yourself.

Hangouts are free and simple to use but not totally easy, nor are they free of technical difficulties. Learn how to overcome those obstacles and be prepared. There is a bit of a ramp up process, several different applications to learn, a few plugins to download. Hangouts are a lot of fun but they do require time and practice, but OHHHH are the benefits worth it.

Cultivate Relationships, Joint Ventures, Collaborations. 

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