What is Merch By Amazon?

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An introduction to using Merch By Amazon to design shirts and make money

What is it and what does this mean for you as a budding entrepreneur, local business or brand owner? is a brand new program for print on demand t-shirts, giving you the power of the Amazon search engines to promote your brand.

If having your own custom t-shirt is something you’ve been thinking about, or, maybe you have one and would like to put that program on auto-pilot, then this program is for you. You know T’s are HOT! You will create more visibility for your brand, market yourself with ease.

How can Merch By Amazon help you and your Business?

  • Amazon Prime Shipping Available – This is HUGE!
  • Low Cost Printing.
  • No worries about inventory, quantity, sizes, missing items
  • Your Customers, Clients, Fans, Employees can order direct from Amazon.
  • Amazon provides all customer service, saving you time and money
  • Amazon search visibility preference on main keywords
  • Choose up to 5 colors from 15+ choices
  • 10 Beta Testers Wanted, limited offer $50 set up, graphic work not included (4 spots left).


Amazon has over 50 million U.S. Prime subscribers, and as many as 60 to 80 million globally, according to a new survey.Sep 14, 2015 according to 


What we do for you!

My team and I can save you hours of time with the learning curve and set-up as well as offering ideas for multiple fulfillment options all through Amazon Prime. This is a win/win method and you’ll have a t-shirt billboard campaign that pays you money,  you can ADD dollars to your marketing budget.

Here’s an example of a Merch by Amazon t-shirt from  Hippiedew  

Your ad will look very similar to this ad. There are 15 different colors for you to choose from.  Amazon recommends you choose only 3 but they allow you to choose up to 5.

You will receive a free 30 minute Google Hangout discovery session with me, or any communication method of your choice. We will discuss your royalty earning advertising options. If you choose to use Google Hangouts and would like help in learning Hangouts, I have some tips and tricks for you on my Free Training page.

The “Done for You” Model

I also offer a *”Done for YOU” option, done for you on your own established *Merch account. You set the price of your t-shirt from $10.99 – $49.99. YOUR account, YOUR link, YOU sell YOUR shirts, YOU collect the royalties, YOU receive a check from Amazon at the end of the following month. Each month is a rinse and repeat for you.

This is a “Customized for you” service and is available starting as low as $250, includes up to 3 t-shirt listings with front design, enough to get you started. Two-sided printing is optional and available.

*Currently Amazon has initiated an invite only system for the Merch program. As of now, Amazon Merch has started to accept new accounts from their long 3-4 month waiting list. It’s time to rock and roll…

If you are interested in the “Done for You” option on your own Amazon account and not already a merch account holder, your 1st step is to ask for an invite from the home page and hopefully you will be accepted soon as they begin to ramp up.

In the meantime, or if no Amazon account, I can help you out with a solution when something is needed quickly. Please contact me and let’s strike while the iron is hot and make something happen for you.

Scroll down to see my offer for Beta-Testers Wanted below

What You Need To Provide:

You or your graphic designer provide the graphics in final form, requirements are as follows:

  • Canvas size is 4500 x 5400 px
  • suggested design size is 3600 x 3600
  • 300 dpi’s.
  • final file will be a .png transparency or .jpg

If you have no designer nor do you understand this process, there are many low cost services such as that can help you with your needs. I can save you time and assist in pointing you in the right direction. We will also be offering some free tutorials in the very near future for those of you that love to learn.

What’s next?

This method may not be for everyone, there is a little bit of Do-It-Yourself involved which means TIME. You are trading time for money, which is not always a bad thing BUT are you making the best choice for your business?  I can promise you that my team and I will save you more time than you’ll spend. I do offer a free 30 minute consultation, contact us and we’ll set something up.

Work with us and we will get you up and running at your pace, and more importantly, your budget. Your efforts will be minimal and you just may watch your time and money equation flip with this hot new method of marketing.

Once your design is complete, you will have a live link direct to your Amazon page in no time!

I will soon offer continuing education via online live-stream, on both public and private platforms, for those of you that choose to work with me. I love sharing Merch how-to’s as well as #LaptopLyfe marketing strategies that will bring us more business and help us all make more money.


Beta-Testers wanted – I have 4 spots remaining for those of you wanting to get started now. Just click here to find out more.  

Watch for upcoming live-stream video training.

I’ll also be teaching the Laptop Lyfe strategies in February, 2017 on the Sea-Commerce Cruise.