As a kid, I was frequently in trouble for talking in school. I couldn’t help it, it just happened, it's my nature. It happened year after year, guess I'm a bit of a rebel. I've always valued building relationships and interacting with my peers.


Fast forward to today, I now get to showcase and connect with some AMAZING & AWESOME people, all through my computer, using live-stream video. Google Hangouts On Air is my main go to platform but now it is just one of several platforms for live video in the Social Media Hemisphere.

Google Hangouts launched in 2012. My eyes lit up, as if I were a kid in a candy store. I was so excited, what a brilliant way to meet and connect with people around the world through Social Media. I had recently attended a live event in Florida, the last day, our speaker showcased Hangouts On Air and I was live in the front row, chatting with friends around the world on facebook who where watching, experiencing with them, first hand, what was possible with this new medium.

I started playing with Hangouts, learning all of the fun things to do, sharing tips and tricks with friends and colleagues. How could I use this to not only connect with my clients but to connect with new clients!

All of a sudden it started to happen. By reaching out and offering Hangouts, I was making amazing connections with people all over the world, many that are still friends today. What a great product I had found, allowing me to connect in ways I had never dreamed possible, It was exciting times and I had something of value to share.


Out of nowhere, my world came to a screaching halt. Cancer entered my life, not myself, but my husband Mike. All of my focus quickly changed so I could be with him as his 24/7 caregiver.  

In March of 2013 my hubby of 34 years was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma (GBM) Brain Cancer, we were devastated.

Mike bravely battled for less than a year, we lost him at the age of 56. Way too soon, way too fast.

My daughter Kristi and I now participate in the annual Denver Brain Tumor walk to raise fund's in Mike's memory.

This is a picture of our 2015 #BeLikeMike Team. So grateful to all of my friends and family members that support us each year with their generous time and monetary donations.

Google Hangouts kept me going during this time, allowing me to stay connected to a world outside of this incredibly sad journey. Connecting through Hangouts was a bright spot in those dark days. With that experience, Hangouts continues to be my #1 private communication choice. They are amazing for Mastermind Sessions and Team Trainings. I'm reconnecting with friends and clients and bringing value to their business.

By doing what I love with Google Hangouts, just talking, chatting, connecting as well as inspiring others, that fulfills me. If I am able to make a difference in someones life in just a small way, that makes me smile, my work does not feel like work.

I want to share this passion with you today! Allow me show you the exciting behind the scenes world of YouTube broadcasting or simply one on one connecting with your followers.

We'll also learn about some of the other new live-stream video platforms that are out there such as Periscope and Blab, those are a couple of my new favorites.

We'll chat about selling on eBay and Amazon, Merch By Amazon, the hot new print on demand t-shirt business through Amazon, Social Media and Mobile Marketing and one of my big annual projects, the Sea-Commerce Cruise.

You never know what the topic of conversation will be. It could even be about my latest adventures on the crew of The Marijuana Show.

To learn more about how we can work together contact me at