Cueprompter, a favorite tool

I want to share one of my favorite tools that I like to use when doing videos for my site.

It is is a tool called  cueprompter1 (5)

It’s a free online teleprompter.

Write, or cut and paste your script into the form located on that page. Select your text size and other optional settings. There will be a button below the form to press in order to start the prompter.

Your script will open in a new window, there will be controls on the new window for reverse and forward, forward for getting started.

Choose your speed, 1 being the slowest, 10 the fastest. Play with it a bit to find your favorite settings that match with your natural voice.

If your text needs editing, just close the prompter window and restart with the new script.

You will become better with practice. It’s as easy as that so why not get started today.